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brochure downloadThe exploitation of natural resources based on the development of sustainable processes, high efficiency and very low environmental impact is what best characterizes NatureXtracts, a biorefinery manufacturing through green chemical technology.
NatureXtracts' multidisciplinary team comprised of individuals from different backgrounds, including researchers and process engineers is highly motivated and working together to provide valuable insight into the development of our natural products.

Known for promoting the concept of biorefinery and for its bio-based products, Naturextracts has made a strong investment in the development and commercialization of dietary supplements. In this sector, our company stands out by the high quality standards in the production of dietary supplements with proven efficacy, always following the guidelines established by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

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Mission & Vision

The mission of NatureXtracts is to produce and export bio-based products with high added value for the European and North American markets, using processes with low environmental impact and high technological content.
NatureXtracts is a reference in the manufacture of natural and sustainable products with high potential for use in the cosmetic, food and nutraceutical industries. The success of our company is also measured by the pride of our collaborators to be part of a team that produces wealth respecting the biodiversity and the planet.

Naturextracts commits to develop and follow the guidelines established by the European regulatory institutions as a way to guarantee the safety, efficacy and quality of our dietary supplements.


NatureXtracts aspires to maintain a strong environmental consciousness. Our company will keep focused on generating value without losing sight of the social awareness and the importance of a harmonious relationship with the community where it operates.

NatureXtracts will always respect and defend the rights of intellectual property and trade secrets.


Superior quality has always been the goal of NatureXtracts!

NatureXtracts products are manufactured from selected high quality raw materials. Our suppliers must fulfil quality standard requirements in order to guarantee that the integrity of our products is consistent. Anticipating legal requirements and our customers’ demands regarding naturalness and purity, NatureXtracts only uses extraction technology that marks the quality standards and sets market trends. Since quality is the lifeline of our company, all products are submitted to strict quality control, namely, microbiological, heavy metal and pesticide residues analysis, to ensure that NatureXtracts offers clients only the best natural products.

Naturextracts’ quality management system is regularly audited by SGS.

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